About Agile Cookbook

What started out as a hobby project and personal place to preserve relevant information became the lightweight platform that you see today. The Agile Cookbook tries to bridge the gap between the vast amount of places where good content is kept. By no means will we be complete, but we do try to collect content thereby superseding organizations and individuals that publish only their own content. It is kept and maintained in the spare moments we have. Therefore we use the “Lean-startup” principles to see where this initiative will lead us. It might look very different the next time you visit us.

Way of working
Our little team has a simple way of working. Whenever we see interesting articles, books or websites we add these to our overview. In addition, we welcome contributions from whoever uses the platform as well. After a quick review of the proposed new material we will let you know if we were able to add it or not. So if you are good to go, inform us now via: Contact

We have in no way the intention to deprive original authors of content of their copyright. So before you are providing actual content – not being links or other references – please make sure it is yours to share!

The Agile Cooks

Martin Bakker

Aka: Agile Patissier
My conviction leaning towards internally motivated people, I hope to empower to first understand the context in which we find ourselves before calling for change. Coming from a software engineering background and a strong ‘obsession’ to understand everything, I want to help in understanding the vast amount of knowledge available.

Johan Vink

Aka: Agile Chef de Partie
I am convinced that a universally applicable best recipe does not exist, only the best recipe in a certain context. You create the best recipes for complex dishes by experimenting. My innate curiosity has ensured that I never stopped experimenting.

Sjors Meekels

Aka: Agile Chef de Cuisine
My personal drive is to improve the situation I am in, my teams and my organization. Focus on creating win-win situations and make sure there are clear and shared goals. What I think you need? Attention on quality in people, proces and tools and a good sense of humor while you are at it. Agile Cookbook will provide lots of ideas and approaches to reach just that.

With all that said, have fun in exploring our contents
Kind regards,
The Agile Cooks