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Definition of Done (DoD)

One of the principles of working Agile (and supported in XP and Scrum) is a clear shared understanding of what the status is of the work delivered. To create this transparency between development teams and their involved business colleagues the Definition of Done (DoD) is a key concept. This definition describes the basic set of requirements – often non functional or process related – that have been Done for a piece of work.


Subject Author(s)
DONE Understanding Of The Definition Of “Done”
The article describes the fundamentals of de Definition of Done. Key aspects like (non functinonal) requirements, quality and a few examples of a evolving definition provide a good overview.
Sumeet Madan (
The Definition of Done what does done actually mean
An example of the usage of a DoD in a non-scrum non-iterative development environment, good for reflection on your own approach.
Danny Smith (
Definition of Done
Insights in the usage and the creation of the Definition of Done according to the founding fathers of LeSSS. Especially the focus on minimizing the Undone work after finishing a story or a sprint can be benificial for many teams
Definition of Done versus User stories acceptance criteria
The article provides insights in the common question what the difference between DoD’s and acceptance criteria.
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