DevOps - Books

The DevOps Handbook, Gene Kim, Jez Humble, e.a.
At a lot of organizations this book, from 2016, is the first book people read when moving towards DevOps. It is a solid work, combining insights from a lot of other pioneering IT professionals as well. If you are afraid it is only about managerial or mindset, don’t worry. There is much attention on improving the all the relevant flows, but it is build on technical insights and ideas.
The DevOps Handbook
The Phoenix Project, Gene Kim, Kevin Berh, George Spafford
This books tells us the story of Bill. A nice guy we get to know but one who faces challenges with his new project code named ‘Phoenix’. It is paramount for the survival of his company and he needs to report directly to his CEO. In this swift read he learns new ways of looking at IT and knowing how and where to improve it.
The Phoenix Project