Lean - Books

The Machine that Changed the World, James Womack, Daniel Jones & Roos
If you are new to Lean this is the book you could start from. It came out in 2007 and has great reviews. In an in-depth analysis on the automobile industry – based on Toyota of course – the authors describe the principles of lean production
The Machine that Changed the Wolrd
Lean Software Development, Mary & Tom Poppendieck
In this book the couple Poppendieck made a strong translation from lean in production environments into the world of software development. It still is a solid work that provides enough insights to improve one’s organization or team’s setup.
Lean Software Development
Lean Startup, Eric Ries
In his 2011 book Ries shares his learnings and ideas on the way startups should manage there often turbulent first years.
The Lean Startup