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INTRO – How to find the most useful books in the immense collection of literature available? These are the reads that offer a great start and can lead you to new resources as well. The beauty of Scrum books is that they seem to age very well.

SCRUM – a Smart Travel Companion, Gunther Verheyen
In the last 20 years Scrum has proven itself to be the market standard framework for organizations working Agile. Despite this tremendous success many organizations still find themselves in the middle of an Agile transition. The Scrum beginner and professional both have an ongoing need for a short descriptive overview of the framework. For both target audiences the book “SCRUM a pocket guide – A Smart Travel Companion” is a useful tool in the world of Scrum. See full (review).

Scrum a Smart Travel Companion

Essential Scrum – a Practical Guide…, Kenneth Rubin
Scrum veteran Kenneth Rubin has been a consultant and trainer with Scrum Alliance for years. His book has guided Scrum enthusiast around the globe.

Essential Scrum a Practical guide

SCRUM – The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, Jeff Sutherland
Is it a myth or an effect of tapping into the power of unused potential? Jeff Sutherland provides the anwsers on how Scrum will radically improve the way software is developed.This book reads like an origin story of Scrum and explains how and why it came into being. The numerous examples provide help you understand how the mechanisms can help in real life situations.

SCRUM The Art of doing Twice...

Scrum Insights for Practitioners, Hiren Doshi
Hiren Doshi has been affiliated with for years and is a frequent blogger and Scrum Trainer. As the title suggests he focusses on the practical application of Scrum. How can you play the Scrum game effectively and what are some of the most notorious misconceptions around.

SCRUM Insights for Practitioners

Software in 30 Days, Ken Schwaber & Jeff Sutherland
In this classic book by the founding fathers of Scrum the underlying concepts and potential of using Scrum are described. Of course the knowledge and experience of teams are very important and needs to be nurtured and used to derive improvements and solution for technical problems or proces optimiaztions.

Software in 30 Days

De kracht van SCRUM, Rini van Solingen (in Dutch)
In this short – novel style written book – by Dutch Professor Rini van Solingen, the most important aspects of Scrum and Agile are explained in a comprehensive matter. It is written in Dutch so not doable for non-Dutch readers.

De Kracht van Scrum

Het SCRUM Modellenboek, Rik van der Wardt
See the full review: (review in Dutch)
Unfortunately the book is only available in Dutch at the time of writing. So, for the Dutchies the book contains a range of well-known and some lesser-known models and formats to use.
The SOAR (Strenghts, Opportunities, Aspirations en Results) and GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Way forward) are just two examples of models that extend your current reportoire of tools.

Het SCRUM Modellenboek

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