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INTRO – the top three international Scrum organizations at this time are described below. An overview of their certification programs can be found here: Certification Overview. That does not mean there are no excellent smaller – often local oriented – players out there.

Scrum Alliance
This is the first office Scrum body that was founded in 2001. Among the founders were Jeff Sutherland & Ken Schwaber. They have created the first Scrum courses and certification programs. Also from their hands are the Scrum Gatherings – large Scrum events to support the communities – taking place around the globe nowadays.

Scrum Alliance was founded in 2009 by Ken Schwaber when he was no longer satisfied by the course the Scrum Alliance was going. Differences were related to the way the training & certification program was setup and the primary branche for using Scrum. See below for some articles related to more details of the chasm. By now offers it’s own array of training’s and certification program.
Loved by many, ridiculed by some. As SCRUMstudy was not founded by one of the original creators of Scrum, they have attracted quite a bit of skepticism. They have created however, an impressive network of trainers and partners. They even claim to have topped both Scrum Alliance & in number of trainees and some other quotas. In order to support trainees and their communities the have created a Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOK).
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