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INTRO – here you can find a small selection of the top SCRUM articles that we have come across. All have their direct link to the originating author or web page. Whenever possible a direct downloadable pdf is also made available.

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There’s value in the Scrum Values
Very nice article shining its light on the addition of the Scrum Values in the Scrum guide in 2013. Not only the mere values itself but the underlying principle and the way to make sure the values are understood.
Gunther Verheyen (Ullizee)
The Rise Of Zombie Scrum: Symptoms,
causes and what you can do about it

Having doubts about the way your team or teams are doing Scrum. Perhaps you have some zombie-infected teams in your organization. Read up on Christiaans Zombie story and find out what cure you might need.
Christiaan Verwijs (Liberators)
The 8 stances of a ScrumMaster
As we know by now a ScrumMaster can be compared with the famous sheep with 5 legs. Barry explains how the role can be seen as a variety of stances performed by one person.
Barry Overeem (Liberators)
Walking Through Definition of Done
Lots of teams struggle when writing – let alone use – their Definition of Done. This article can be a nice starting point when starting or tuning your DOD.
Ian Mitchell (
How to ensure your’re working on the most important items each iteration

Mike Cohn (Mountain Goat Software)
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