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Agile Discovery - First followers are important (Sivers)

What: In this 3 minute video Derek Sivers explains the importance of the first followers when starting a new movement. Often the initiator is seen as the most important, but he explains it very well using a real scenario at a festival.

Why: Excellent reference material if you are in the middle of a change process or transformation and working with a small group of forerunners.


Who: Derek Sivers, entrepreneur and musician among others, see

Agile Leadership - Books

The Age of Agile, Stephen Denning
In his book Stephen Denning describes common pitfalls nowadays managers should avoid if they want to transform their organization into the new agile era.
The Age of Agile
Management 3.0, Jurgen Appelo
Provocative as he can be, Jurgen Appelo describes his thoughts and ideas for managers to become the managers agile organizations need. Do not expect to find checklists but insights what makes organizations and its people tick.
Management 3.0
Managing for Happiness, Jurgen Appelo
Some authors deserve to be twice in one list 🙂 For us that is the case with Jurgen Appelo. Managing for Happiness could just as easily be tagged under tools. It contains a number of formats, tools and approaches for anyone – not just managers – to make working in an organization a little bit better. Of course better here also means that people are becoming a bit more happy in their daily endeavors.
Managing for Happiness