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Scaling Agile - Nexus Guide 1.1 (Schwaber)

What: The Nexus guide is the 10 page description of a way to work with multiple teams in a scaled environment. It was created in 2015 by Ken Schwaber and is heavily reliant on the original Scrumguides. So, before reading Nexus, make sure you are well up to speed with Scrum.

Why: It is a light weight, free and even without completely using this approach, it may provide some nice focus areas and insights to start improving or creating your own scaling setup


Who: It has been developed by Scrum-founding-father Ken Schwaber and is provided by

Direct download: English version Nexus Guide 1.1.

Scrum - Scrum Checklist (Kniberg)

What: This is the famous unofficial Scrum Ceckklist. It consists of a one-page-fitting checklist. Where all the different Scrum artifacts, rituals and some good practices can be checked. On the second page there is a quick manual how to use the list.

Why: It is an easy to handle checklist covering all the basics and more for your team setup. You can use it in a retro or as a generic to list to match your team against once in a while

Preview:Scrum Checklist

Who: It has been developed by Agile veteran Henrik Kniberg and is provided by Crisp.

Direct download: Scrum Checklist.