Scrum - Overview (tags)

Scaling Agile - Nexus Guide 1.1 (Schwaber)

What: The Nexus guide is the 10 page description of a way to work with multiple teams in a scaled environment. It was created in 2015 by Ken Schwaber and is heavily reliant on the original Scrumguides. So, before reading Nexus, make sure you are well up to speed with Scrum.

Why: It is a light weight, free and even without completely using this approach, it may provide some nice focus areas and insights to start improving or creating your own scaling setup


Who: It has been developed by Scrum-founding-father Ken Schwaber and is provided by

Direct download: English version Nexus Guide 1.1.

Scrum - Scrum Checklist (Kniberg)

What: This is the famous unofficial Scrum Ceckklist. It consists of a one-page-fitting checklist. Where all the different Scrum artifacts, rituals and some good practices can be checked. On the second page there is a quick manual how to use the list.

Why: It is an easy to handle checklist covering all the basics and more for your team setup. You can use it in a retro or as a generic to list to match your team against once in a while

Preview:Scrum Checklist

Who: It has been developed by Agile veteran Henrik Kniberg and is provided by Crisp.

Direct download: Scrum Checklist.

Scrum - Certification Overview

INTRO – all three major international Scrum organizations have created their own certification program. Differences can be found in the entry criteria of the exam (e.g. you need to have taken class room course) or the number of levels per type of certification. We have broken it down into the primary three roles, one arguable ‘other’ category and the exam programs itself.

ScrumMaster Certification
Product Owner Certification
Developer Certification
Other Certification
Certification Program & Renewel (fees etc)


Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)
Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM)
Certified Scrum Professional-ScrumMaster (CSP-SM)
Scrum Alliance Scrum Master Professional ScrumMaster (PSM I)
Professional ScrumMaster (PSM II)
Professional ScrumMaster (PSM III) ScrumMaster
SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified (SMC)
Expert Scrum Master Certified (ESMC)

Sometimes people have very strong opinions on the right – or even best – ScrumMaster certification. Please read a few blogs of ScrumMasters who have experience with more then one institute: Sasha Steskal, Chris Crawley, Sante Vergini

Product Owner

Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)
Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO)
Certified Scrum Professional Product Owner (CSP-PO)
Scrum Alliance Product Owner Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I)
Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO II)
Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO III) Product Owner
SCRUMstudy Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC)
Scaled Scrum Product Owner Certified (SSPOC)


Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Developer (CSD)
Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)
Scrum Alliance Developer Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) Developer
SCRUMstudy Scrum Developer Certified (SDC) SCRUMstudy

Other certification

Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach (CTC)
Certified Enterprise Coach Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)
Certified Agile Leadership (CAL I)
Certified Agile Leadership (CAL II)
Scrum Alliance Agile Leadership Professional Scrum with Kanban Certification (PSK)
Professional Agile Leadership (PAL I) Agile Leadership
SCRUMstudy Scrum Fundamentals Certified (SFC)
SCRUMstudy Certified Trainer (SCT)
SCRUMstudy Certified Agile Coach (SCAC)
SCRUMstudy Agile Master Certified (SAMC)


Certification Program

Scrum Alliance Initial certification
It is mandatory to complete a CST taught 2-day training before taking the exam. Depending on your country and setup you will be set back a rough 1200-1400 Euros or 1000-1200 US Dollars.

It is mandatory to keep learning and remain active once you have earned a certification. You need to pay a renewal fee (100$ for a two-year period) and obtain sufficient Scrum Education Units (SEUs). Check the current requisites. Initial certification
It is not mandatory to complete a training before taking the exam. You can immediately enroll online and buy an exam, the costs depend on the exam and vary between 150-500 US Dollars.

Certifications are for life, so no renewel fee or extra study credits are applicable.

SCRUMstudy Initial certification
It is not mandatory to complete a training before taking the exam. You can immediately enroll online and buy an exam, the costs depend on the exam and vary between 450-600 US Dollars.
It is mandatory to keep learning and remain active once you have earned a certification. There is no additional renewel fee applicable but you do have to obtain sufficient Re-certification Units (RCUs). Check the current requisites.

Scrum - Organizations

INTRO – the top three international Scrum organizations at this time are described below. An overview of their certification programs can be found here: Certification Overview. That does not mean there are no excellent smaller – often local oriented – players out there.

Scrum Alliance
This is the first office Scrum body that was founded in 2001. Among the founders were Jeff Sutherland & Ken Schwaber. They have created the first Scrum courses and certification programs. Also from their hands are the Scrum Gatherings – large Scrum events to support the communities – taking place around the globe nowadays.

Scrum Alliance was founded in 2009 by Ken Schwaber when he was no longer satisfied by the course the Scrum Alliance was going. Differences were related to the way the training & certification program was setup and the primary branche for using Scrum. See below for some articles related to more details of the chasm. By now offers it’s own array of training’s and certification program.
Loved by many, ridiculed by some. As SCRUMstudy was not founded by one of the original creators of Scrum, they have attracted quite a bit of skepticism. They have created however, an impressive network of trainers and partners. They even claim to have topped both Scrum Alliance & in number of trainees and some other quotas. In order to support trainees and their communities the have created a Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOK).

Scrum - Books

INTRO – How to find the most useful books in the immense collection of literature available? These are the reads that offer a great start and can lead you to new resources as well. The beauty of Scrum books is that they seem to age very well.

SCRUM – a Smart Travel Companion, Gunther Verheyen
In the last 20 years Scrum has proven itself to be the market standard framework for organizations working Agile. Despite this tremendous success many organizations still find themselves in the middle of an Agile transition. The Scrum beginner and professional both have an ongoing need for a short descriptive overview of the framework. For both target audiences the book “SCRUM a pocket guide – A Smart Travel Companion” is a useful tool in the world of Scrum. See full (review).
Scrum a Smart Travel Companion
Essential Scrum – a Practical Guide…, Kenneth Rubin
Scrum veteran Kenneth Rubin has been a consultant and trainer with Scrum Alliance for years. His book has guided Scrum enthusiast around the globe.
Essential Scrum a Practical guide
SCRUM – The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, Jeff Sutherland
SCRUM The Art of doing Twice...
Scrum Insights for Practitioners, Hiren Doshi
SCRUM Insights for Practitioners
Software in 30 Days, Ken Schwaber & Jeff Sutherland
Software in 30 Days
De kracht van SCRUM, Rini van Solingen (in Dutch)
De Kracht van Scrum
Het SCRUM Modellenboek, Rik van der Wardt
See the full review: (review in Dutch)
Het SCRUM Modellenboek

Scrum - Top Articles

INTRO – here you can find a small selection of the top SCRUM articles that we have come across. All have their direct link to the originating author or web page. Whenever possible a direct downloadable pdf is also made available.

Subject Author(s)
There’s value in the Scrum Values
Very nice article shining its light on the addition of the Scrum Values in the Scrum guide in 2013. Not only the mere values itself but the underlying principle and the way to make sure the values are understood.
Gunther Verheyen (Ullizee)
The Rise Of Zombie Scrum: Symptoms,
causes and what you can do about it

Having doubts about the way your team or teams are doing Scrum. Perhaps you have some zombie-infected teams in your organization. Read up on Christiaans Zombie story and find out what cure you might need.
Christiaan Verwijs (Liberators)
The 8 stances of a ScrumMaster
As we know by now a ScrumMaster can be compared with the famous sheep with 5 legs. Barry explains how the role can be seen as a variety of stances performed by one person.
Barry Overeem (Liberators)
Walking Through Definition of Done
Lots of teams struggle when writing – let alone use – their Definition of Done. This article can be a nice starting point when starting or tuning your DOD.
Ian Mitchell (
How to ensure your’re working on the most important items each iteration

Mike Cohn (Mountain Goat Software)