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Retrospective websites
Below our collection of sites with multiple ideas, variations and exercises to run your next retro. Of course there will be some overlap, but stay open for new ideas.

Website Organization / author(s) Paulo Caroli & Taina Caetano Luis Goncalves Ben Linders Corinna Baldauf a.o. Keith McCandless & Henri Lipmanowicz Box Uk

Individual formats:
Here you’ll find some stand alone pages containing just one straight to the point format.

Subject Author(s)
Visualising Scrum Values Steve Trapps (
Team Communication and Personalities
Small setup with instructions to guide people to elaborate on their personalities by reflecting on free test results.
Sjors Meekels (Agitma)
All the materials and game instructions can be downloaded for free.
Agile Practice

Tips & Tricks
A few blogs containing general pointers in organization your retro

Subject Author(s)
A simple way to run a sprint retrospective Mike Cohn (Mountain goat software)
What I gained from 100 retrospectives Sjors Meekels (Agitma)
Scrum retrospectives tips Luis Goncalves

DevOps - Websites

Website Organization Founded by Alan Shimel in 2014, has grown as a huge vendor independed source on DevOps and related topics. The company was founded in 2013 by James Smith and Stephen Thair, this is their DevOps related blog section. Xebialabs is one of the suppliers of devops platforms & tools to support large organizations. Gene Kim is one of their strategic advisors.