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INTRO – in almost all Agile frameworks, especially Scrum, User Stories play an important part in the way of working. There are various ways of writing them down, different types and views on how much details should be present. There is just not one truth. So, here you’ll find a collection of good articles pinning down on ideas and approaches to handle them. Read a few and see which approach resonates best in your situation.

Basic User Story writing Author(s)
User Stories
This is a good article to start reading and learning about the basic ideas and theory of user stories.
Mike Cohn (Mountain Goat Software)
Agile Development: What are the characteristics of a good user story? INVEST
Small read which only explains the foundation of the INVEST acronym
Lazaro Ibanez
Scrum tips: Differences between epics, stories, themes and features
This article explains briefly the different granulaties that can exist when using User Stories, Themes and Features.
Constantin Guay
Slicing User Stories Author(s)
SPIDR five simple techniques for a perfectly split User Story
If you often run into difficulty when trying to make your User Stories smaller you can use the SPIDR acronym to guide you. By five different viewpoints (Spikes, Paths, Interfaces, Data and Rules) you are triggered to chop your stories.
10 powerful strategies for breaking down Product Backlog Items in Scrum (with cheatsheet)
If you have a little more experience in using User Stories please have a look at Christiaans extended article. He provides 10 ways to slice and dice your stories in smaller more doable pieces of work
Christiaan Verwijs
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